About Coopreneur

Coopreneur AS is a non-profit limited company where there are no dividends to shareholders. Any profits are ploughed back into the company to further pursue its purpose. Namely to show how Cooperative Social Entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for new ways of addressing social, economic and environmental problems. This is reflected in 3 initiatives (see more in respective menus):

  1. Promoting the Community Wealth Building model as a vehicle to operationalise Economic Democracy, (Re) Localization of the Economy and a Real Circular Economy
  2. Scalable Course & Business Model Canvas for Cooperative Social Entrepreneurship
  3. App for Student-To-Student Mentoring

About the undersigned: Social sciences Master (geography, political science and social economy). Worked with development issues in Africa and Asia for a decade (1990s) and with environmental information in Norway in the 2000s.

Helge Selrod